Traditional Sicilian Recipes: Starters and savoury pastries

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Doses are for a round cake pan with a diameter of 20 cm 8-inch. In Liguria the pastry for Torta Pasqualina is made with flour, water, salt and olive oil.


The pastry is the same one used to make the famous focaccia di Recco. It is curious note that this mixture is the same used to make vegan fresh pasta without eggs. If in Emilia Romagna and throughout northern Italy fresh pasta is a classic dough made with one egg per grams of flour , just go to Liguria or down a few kilometers in Tuscany, to meet a type of fresh pasta that was vegan before our modern time: trofie and pici , for example, are a type of pasta prepared with only water and flour. However, in this recipe we used puff pastry ; the ingredients are the same except that in place of olive oil you have to use butter.

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Meanwhile, prepare the filling. In a bowl mix ricotta, Parmesan cheese, Pecorino Romano cheese and 1 egg. Stir and mix all the ingredients and add salt and pepper.


Add the chards to the mixture. Today, however, it is commonly used as a side dish or appetizer. In Sicily there is an ancient tradition about fishing, and tuna is one of the most common fishes. The tuna in pistachio crust , an easy but very appetizing recipe, maintains tradition both in fish and in the use of dried fruit, imported centuries ago during the Arab domination.

To make this recipe they prepare a breading made with breadcrumbs, pistachios and dried tomatoes that will cover the slices of tuna. Then they cook the tuna in a pan just for a few minutes to preserve the taste of the fish and keep the meat soft. The cassata is a traditional Sicilian cake made with sweetened ricotta traditionally sheep ricotta , sponge cake, royal icing and candied fruit. Being a typical regional dish, the Sicilian cassata has been included in the official list of traditional Italian agro-food products P. The traditional recipe is very simple, anyway you can find many variations from town to town.

For example, there are additional ingredients such as pistachio, pine nuts, chocolate, cinnamon or maraschino. Also the appearance of the cake can change: the decorations can vary from the simplest ones, with icing and orange peel, or more rich, with colored beads, different kinds of candied fruit and baroque decorations.

Almond is a common ingredient in Sicilian pastry.

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It comes from the Arab period, when the fruit was brought in the island. Among the many desserts prepared with almonds, the granita is a typical summer dessert. It can be made either with whole almonds or with the dough of almond. In the first case you will obtain a less smooth and crude mixture, with the dough instead you get a smoother and quicker to prepare compound.

In any case, the taste will not fail. The bottarga is a food composed of the fish ovary, which is salted and dried using traditional methods. Easy recipe for Aubergine parmigiana. This Italian classic of layers of tomato sauce, aubergine and parmesan, is simple to make and is good for entertaining or for family meals.

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Meatballs baked in rich tomato sauce with a melting mozzarella topping — this recipe is all about comfort food. Try more of our Italian dessert recipes here…. Our chocolate and hazelnut torte is a serious creamy and indulgent weekend treat. This recipe only takes 30 minutes to whip up, and can feed up to 12 people.

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Give our Italian almond and Amalfi lemon cake a go. The Amalfi lemons have a strong intense lemony aroma, and are slightly sweeter. This light summery cake is seriously moreish, a real crowd pleaser. The Italian dessert, semifreddo, is an ice cream with a mousse-like texture. This recipe not only looks impressive, but can be made in advance for easy dinner party entertaining.

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