The Final Conflict, The loss of Innocence

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Castlevania 20th Anniversary Blow-Out". The Retrospective — Page 7". You're not Baron Leon Belmont? I have given up my title.

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One night Mathias struggles from his sickbed and tells Leon that the appearance of the monsters is tied to a vampire, who has a castle in the Forest called Eternal Night, and that Leon's betrothed, Sara, has been kidnapped and brought to the castle. Leon Belmont, a courageous man who feared nothing and whose combat abilities were second to none, and Mathias Cronqvist, a genius tactician, whose learning made him an exception in a largely illiterate society.

They trusted each other completely and they were bound by an old friendship.

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Why are you living in a place like this? I have unfinished business with Walter Bernhard, the master of this forest. The gauntlet is enchanted now. Some enemies' attacks release a special power. If you block them with the gauntlet, you can gather that power.

What can I do with that gathered power? You will be able to use the magical relics by releasing that power. So I will need to defeat them first. Why is a vampire locked away here?

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I would have won, were it not for his Ebony Stone. Have you ever heard of the Philosopher's Stone? Making the Philosopher's Stone is the ultimate goal of alchemy.

It provides eternal youth. The two other stones were apparently created accidentally. No details of how they were made remain now. I know about the Ebony Stone, but what kind of power does the Crimson Stone have? I don't know the details. It turns the souls of vampires into power for its master.

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You promised, answer me. What is the Ebony Stone? A stone created from alchemy. Biju is an undocumented Indian immigrant living in the United States , son of a cook who works for Sai's grandfather. Sai is a girl living in mountainous Kalimpong with her maternal grandfather Jemubhai, the cook and a dog named Mutt.

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Desai switches the narration between both points of view. The action of the novel takes place in The novel follows the journey of Biju, an undocumented immigrant in the US who is trying to make a new life; and Sai, an Anglicised Indian girl living with her grandfather in India. The novel shows the internal conflicts in India between groups, whilst showing a conflict between past and present. There is the rejection and yet awe of the English way of life, the opportunities for money in the US, and the squalor of living in India.

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Many leading Indians were considered to be becoming too English and having forgotten the traditional ways of Indian life, shown through the character of the grandfather, the retired Judge. The major theme running throughout is one closely related to colonialism and the effects of post-colonialism : the loss of identity and the way it travels through generations as a sense of loss. Individuals within the text show snobbery at those who embody the Indian way of life and vice versa, with characters displaying an anger at the English Indians who have lost their traditions.

The Gorkhaland movement is used as a historic backdrop of the novel. The retired judge Jemubhai Patel is a man disgusted at Indian ways and customs, so much so, that he eats chapatis with a knife and fork, hates all Indians including his father whom he breaks ties with and wife who he abandons at his father's place after torturing her, and is never accepted by the British in spite of his education and adopted mannerisms. Natasha Walter found it a "grim" novel, highlighting "how individuals are always failing to communicate". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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