The Curse of El Nino: Global Warming is Here to Stay

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Jan 21, Bizarre deep-sea fish living in Gulf of California with 'virtually no oxygen' puzzles biologists. Jan 18, Scripps' new program forecast Imperial Beach flooding, helped city brace for impact. Jan 17, Scientists find new evidence of life beneath Antarctic ice. Jan 16, Jan 14, Jan 12, PBS Nova.

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Jan 07, San Francisco Chronicle. Jan 06, Government shutdown: How science research is grinding to a halt. Jan 02, Eyes in the sea: Swarms of floating robots observe the oceans. Dec 31, Winter is shrinking, study finds, posing new fire and water risks. Dec 26, Dec 25, Scripps scientists to study effects of climate change on California coastline. Gizmodo - Earther. Dec 19, Dec 13, Dec 12, The Washington Post. Dec 11, Dec 10, East Antarctica is losing ice faster than anyone thought.

Dec 06, Dec 05, Global warming will happen faster than we think.

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Vice Motherboard. Nov 30, Popular Science. Nov 15, Volcanoes might have formed on Mars the same way they did in Hawaii. CBS 8 San Diego.

The Curse of El Nino

Nov 14, Imperial Beach, Scripps Institution collaborate to tackle sea-level rise. Nov 13, When will this terrible wildfire season in California end? Nov 12, Australian Geographic. Nov 09, Sparkling seas explained. Nov 01, Oct 25, Oct 24, Report: Efforts to suck carbon from air must be ramped up. Oct 12, Oct 10, My First Day: The Discovery. NBC 7 San Diego. Oct 09, Sep 27, Sep 26, Climate change is a global injustice. A new study shows why. Advice from the high seas: how to transition to a new lab.

Sep 23, NASA's new satellite uses lasers to track Earth's melting ice.

Sep 21, Science Magazine. Antarctic glacier gets new name in wake of sexual harassment finding. Sep 15, Sep 13, How Saturday's satellite launch will improve understanding of rising sea levels. Aug 26, ABC News. Aug 22, Aug 17, Climate change is helping crank up the temperatures of California's heat waves. Aug 16, Not just land heat waves: Oceans are in hot water, too. Aug 10, Why the ocean is cooking off the coast of Southern California. USA Today. Ocean temperatures hit record high off San Diego, another extreme weather milestone. Aug 06, Aug 03, Aug 02, San Diego seawater temperature hits year high.

Plastic junk spews greenhouse gases, just like cows and cars. Houston Chronicle. Jul 26, Saving the coral reefs. Jul 24, As glaciers shrink, iceberg tourism booms. Jul 20, Groupers on the Comeback in the Caymans. Jul 17, Jul 16, The Weather Channel. Jul 13, Jul 11, Good Morning America. Jul 05, How to keep kids safe on hot playgrounds. Jun 26, Why biologists are so excited to find a bunch of puny manta rays. Jun 19, Jun 18, Rare Manta Ray Nursery Discovered. Los Angeles TImes. World's first-known manta ray nursery found by Scripps researchers. Hatch Magazine.

Jun 15, Are Bubbles the Key to Melting Glaciers? Global warming has melted over 3 trillion tons of ice in Antarctica since , and it's only getting worse. Slash Gear. Jun 14, Melting Antarctic ice is a bigger problem than we thought. Jun 13, Study: Napa quake may be linked to groundwater changes.

Jun 12, Lens of Time: Growing Against the Odds. Jun 07, Heat-trapping carbon dioxide levels in air hit another high. Jun 04, We still don't know how to predict major earthquakes, and it's possible we never will. Science Direct. Jun 01, Nourishment evolution and impacts at four southern California beaches: A sand volume analysis. May 29, How Fast Are Glaciers Melting?

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  • The Curse of El Nino : Global Warming Is Here to Stay -

Just Listen to Them. BBC Earth.

The Curse of El Nino Global Warming is Here to Stay by Normand & Alain

May 24, May 23, Picture of Health. Oceans Deeply. May 18, May 12, BCC Earth. May 10, May 09, Nighttime surf glowing with aqua-colored light dazzles San Diego beach. May 04, Earth's carbon dioxide levels continue to soar, at highest point in , years.

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May 03, Greenhouse gas reaches alarming new record. How Stuff Works. May 02, May 01, Stars and Stripes. Apr 30, San Diego Union-Tribune. Studying the journey of beach sand can combat sea level rise, improve surf conditions. Navy Times.

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Apr 25, Science Robotics. Translucent soft robots driven by frameless fluid electrode dielectric elastomer actuators. Scientific Reports. Apr 23, Unexplained interannual oscillations of cyanobacterial blooms in the Baltic Sea. La Jolla Light. Apr 18, Apr 15, San Diego's scientists span the globe to unearth new discoveries, solve deepest mysteries. Mar 21, Why atmospheric rivers can be a blessing and a curse.

The Sacramento Bee. Mar 20, Atmospheric river heads for Sacramento area. CBS 8. We see you lounging in the shade, Pacific NW. We probably don't need this map of precipitation to know California was wet this winter. Looks like someone reversed the script. This plot shows temperature anomalies change from expected temp over time year at bottom.

Very easy to visually see how temperature anomalies on land and at sea have increased since the early 's. Last year was a supposedly strong El Nino but we ended up with low amounts of rain. I guess the scientists really don't know. But, we need to change everything about our lifestyle because of their predictions.