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That's not my name That's not my name That's not my name Are you callin' me darlin'? Are you callin' me bird? Are you callin' me darlin'? They call me hell. That's not my name That's not my name That's not my name That's not my name.

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At the very least, so I can find out exactly how much such a sack would weigh. After going through an eventful school day and dreaming of having more color in her school, Sassy is surprised by a visit from her grandmother. It turns out, a visit from Grammy is just the first of several surprises. Since this is decidedly a "girl" book, what with the sparkles on the cover and with a protagonist that is very concerned with fashion and her appearance, a teacher may not want to assign this book to an entire class.

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Rather it could be used as a literature circle read or individual recommendation. While fashion and appearance are emphasized, Sassy's Grammy still makes sure to reinforce the idea of inner beauty and strength. A teacher or parent may want to make sure to reinforce that point though. Of course, a teacher could still try to get boys to engage with the text. Alas, removing the paper cover will not be enough, the outside of the book also is colored in light hughes and sparkles A teacher could have more masculinely-inclined students focus on Sassy's brother, Sabin or on the tension-filled last few chapters.

This is the first book in a new series by Draper, who has begun extending beyond her usual young adult books. Although race issues are not at the center of this book as with many of Draper's other novels, it is still present in the backdrop, allowing readers historically ignored by these types of series to feel represented. The book emphasizes and prizes literacy and storytelling.

Activities to Do with the Book: Sassy spends a chapter giving a speech to her fellow fourth graders describing her ideal school. As an assignment, a teacher could have students create illustrations, prepare an argument, or give a performance of what their perfect school would be like. What would be taught? How would the day be scheduled? Would the students have uniforms? How would the students interact? The teachers?

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What would the building or space look like? Since Sassy focuses on her name and how it is used, it could promote children to narrate about their own names. Who chose their name and why? Do they like it? Do they prefer a nickname?

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Not only could this begin as an introductory story exercise, but students could also write poems about their names. Toward the end of the story there is a power outage. In response to that scene, students could talk about their own experiences of power outages or other emergencies.

Favorite Quotes: "Little Sister, did you touch my lipstick again? I can't find the new tube of Kissable Kiwi lip gloss I just bought. I told you to stay out of my makeup! I didn't take her stinky old lip gloss, but I did test it out. It smelled like prunes, so I put it back" p. I'm pretty invisible around here.

I'm nine and a half years old and in the fourth grade, the youngest of three kids. I don't weigh very much. I'm just plain teeny. I'm the one who has to settle for the last piece of chicken on the plate, usually the wing, which I hate. I'm the one who's stuck with the last slice of bread in the loaf, the thick end piece. I'm the one who gets the last choice of jelly beans in the candy bowl. Nobody ever takes the icky licorice ones. My name is Sassy Simone Sanford" p.

If you feel elegant on the inside, you'll look lovely no matter what" p. Feb 03, Sherica Wheeler rated it it was amazing Shelves: sherica-tytianna-wheeler. View 1 comment. Jan 06, Beth G. I'm trying something new. If my family can't call me by my real name, I'm not going to talk to them.

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Sassy Simone Sanford is nine-and-a-half years old. She's the smallest person in her family and the smallest person in her fourth-grade class.

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But she has a big personality and plenty of flair. In this first volume in a series aimed squarely at 3rd-5th girls, Sassy introduces herself, her friends, and her family, including professional storyteller Grammy. When I think of Sharon Drape I'm trying something new. Sassy's world is a pleasant one - her big issues include her frustrations with having to wear a uniform and the fact that her whole family tends to call her "Little Sister".

The descriptions of her classmates indicate that her school is highly diverse, and everybody seems to get along splendidly. Recommend especially to girls growing out of Junie B. Jones and Clementine. Apr 06, Jen Selinsky rated it it was amazing.

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Sassy is able to fit a lot into her special, big bag. After her family finished a fancy dinner, while granny was visiting, the power went out in the whole town, and Sassy and her family were stuck in an elevator. Will Sassy be able to save her family? Read the book to find out! Her older brother, sister and her parents call her "Little Sister. It sounds like she's a baby. Sassy is anything but a baby. She's a bubbly kid with a quirky fashion sense. Her friends appreciate her, she just needs her family to see her for who she is.

If you enjoyed meeting Sassy you'd also enjoy. Aug 20, carrietracy rated it it was ok Shelves: childrens.